“Mr. Alex, I love you!”- Julia, 2 years old

“Miss Samantha, can you come to my house?” -Natalie, 3 years old

“We have been a Romparoo family member since 2010, when my son and I started Mommy-and-Me classes. Since then, both of our children have graduated through all of the Romparoo programs, including On My Own and My Big Step Up. Romparoo is a lovely, nurturing, and safe place where children can play and learn important developmental skills like independence and socialization. Thanks to Romparoo our kids were well-prepared for preschool, both academically and emotionally. Not to mention, it’s one of the best deals in town! We highly recommend Romparoo and our kids would too!”

-Kate & William Bird

“Romparoo is great!

It was the first place we ever left my first daughter on her own. We had discovered it with the Mommy-and-Me program where we just used it as a sort of play space and to get her interacting with other kids. Eventually my oldest daughter started doing the dropoff classes [My Big Step Up] and eventually the camp in the summer. It was a great place for her to start interacting with other kids before starting preschool. They sing songs and play and do all sorts of activities. There was even a little graduation at the end of it all. She’s actually headed to kindergarten this year and still talks about her time there. My youngest daughter is now there for dropoff twice a week [On My Own] and I honestly don’t think she could be in better hands. She looks forward to it every week. The staff is great and clearly is engaged and cares about the kids. Anyone with toddlers or kids who haven’t started school yet should really give Romparoo a chance. I can’t say enough good things about our experience there!”

-John Mylan

“We started attending Romparoo in September 2011. Our three year old just started Pre-K and I began staying home with our one year old. She was not saying any words although she was technically 16 months old. The mommy and me class was perfect. She was able to interact with children her age as well as giving me the opportunity to meet other parents staying at home. We loved it so much that we have continued for years at Romparoo. We have enjoyed everything from Mommy-and-Me, On My Own, My Big Step Up, and creative dance [Creative Movement]. All of our children have continued to enjoy and grow from their time at Romparoo with our fourth and final beginning his On My Own experience this September. The staff is friendly and responsive and is just one more reason our family has been attending at least one class since 2011.”

-Tammy de Freitas

“We love Romparoo! I have been taking my daughter there since she was 6 months old.  Beginning with the Mommy-and-Me class [Rock N’ Roll] and now the Toddler Madness.  She loves it.  It is a nice place to play and be social.  The staff are kind and energetic.  Bonus – it’s affordable!!

-Meredith Whitfield

“I have sent both of my kids to Romparoo and have also tried other programs around town.  Romparoo is the most personal experience for the families by a mile.  These teachers know the kids so well and seem to really enjoy what they do.  It’s honestly the best kids program in town.

-Anonymous reviewer on Yelp

“Mommy, I HAVE TO go to Romparoo!”

-Lucy Flynn, age 2 1/2 years