Membership entitles you to one registered class per week and unlimited Open Play.

Membership is good for one semester, and will need to be renewed to continue onto the next semester.

Absences, Missed Classes & Make-Ups

Absences must be made-up during the current semester, and are not to be carried over to the next.

Make-Up classes are limited to 3 per child (if attending 1 class/week), and 5 classes (if attending 2 classes/week). This does not pertain to Romparoo closings (ie. Snow days and Holidays).

If you know of a class that your child will be missing due to vacation, then you are welcome to make that class up in advance, as one of the allotted three or five.

If your child is sick, please do not send them to class until they are well again! Romparoo reserves the right to remove the child from class if they have been sent in sick.

Refund As Credit Policy

Tuition is nonrefundable and nontransferable.  Tuition can be given as Romparoo credit if requested prior to the session beginning.

General Rules

Food and drink are not permitted in the playroom. This excludes infant bottles and breastfeeding. Sippy cups and snacks are permitted in waiting room only.

Snacks must be nut-free.

Shoes (adults and children) are not permitted in the playroom. Please remove and store with other belongings in the cubbies provided in waiting room. Socks are required to enter the playroom. Spare socks are available for purchase of $2, as entrance will not be allowed with bare feet.

Romparoo is not responsible for items left in the waiting room. Please note that the front door to Romparoo is kept locked at all times.

Always pack an extra, complete outfit (including socks) in case of accidents.

Romparoo is not responsible for strollers left outside. We have been in our current space since 2003 and have never had a problem with strollers that were left outside. If you are uncomfortable leaving your stroller in our gated area, please purchase a lock for it. Please make sure to pack a rain cover for your stroller in case of inclement weather. We ask that you leave strollers outside so that we can keep our facility as clean and open as possible for children to crawl and toddle around in the waiting room!

Inclement Weather

Romparoo follows the Hoboken School District inclement weather closings. When we are closed due to weather, we will create a message on our voicemail box, create an update on Facebook, as well as send an email to currently enrolled students. Closings due to inclement weather will result in an additional make-up day.

Privacy Policy

Romparoo does not share you or your child’s personal information with anyone who is not a listed caregiver.

Social Media/Class Picture Policy
Class photos will be taken during class and uploaded to a Google Drive folder to be shared privately among parents whose children are currently enrolled. We may use these photos for marketing purposes on Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, or other marketing materials. If you do not wish for photos of your child to be posted on social media websites, please contact hoboken@romparoo.com to add your child’s name to our Do Not Post list.