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My Big Step Up

My Big Step Up is a developmentally-based preschool alternative program (2-3 hours) for children 2 1/2yrs-3yrs that we created in 2006, in consultation with Early Childhood Educators. We have been offering this program, from September – June, continuously for the last decade. Our philosophy in creating this program was to design a curriculum that provided learning and fun in an age-appropriate way, for children as young as 2 1/2 years. At this age we work on several different skills and management techniques for different aspects of your child’s development, including:Social/Emotional: Playing alongside others and sharing, simple problem solving in groups, leading by example, and managing simpler emotions: Between the ages of 1-3, your child is gaining proficiency with simpler emotions like frustration and separation anxiety as well as beginning to play and interact more socially. We nurture these simplest of problem-solving tools by encouraging them to help younger children or new children who aren’t adjusting as well to class. We work with our older children to help them understand their emotions, and how they affect others, as well as effective ways to demonstrate positive emotions and behaviors to others and lead by example. We also work to nurture social development at this stage by beginning with parallel play (playing alongside, but not specifically together with other children) and evolving over the course of semester into group play and even role play with guidance from our teachers.

Cognitive: A beginning understanding of structured activity/timing, rules/following directions, organization, and puzzle-solving: Structure is very important for children once they enter school, so we work hard to instill core disciplinary and structural concepts such as waiting for your turn, asking politely, and organizing in a line. We’re also constantly working hard to exercise your little ones’ super-powered brains! From puzzles and pictures to weather charts and storybooks, we’re constantly stimulating and engaging your child on what’s going on in the world around them, encouraging them to think critically about the present and their surroundings. We also have a craft each week during our 3rd hour that reinforces the concept or lesson for that day, and focused play-stations toward the end of class that let them reinforce and practice what they’ve learned!

Creative Expression: Musical Affinity/Rhythm, Singing and Dancing, Instrumental Dynamics, Artistic Technique, Painting/Drawing, Arts/Crafts: We sing and dance every day in My Big Step Up, as well as paint, draw, and craft! Creativity and artistic technique both require constant praise, cultivation, and most importantly practice, which is why we encourage our kids to get moving, singing, drawing, and “painting” every day! We offer different instruments each week for them to practice their musical ability with, from drum and shakers to even guitars and violins! We also have a craft each day focused around the theme/lesson of that day, with free-time sprinkled in to allow for creative expression and discovery!

Physical Development/Fine and Gross Motor Skills: Spatial Awareness, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Balance, Hand-eye and Foot-eye coordination, Beginning Tumbling: We offer physical challenges for our children every day to help them improve their coordination and focus, from dancing to obstacle courses, and even some tumbling! We also focus on fine motor skills and teach them essential skills they’ll need for school, like gluing and cutting with scissors, handling crayons and brushes, solving smaller and more spatially complex puzzles, and handling delicate objects like books.

Literacy/Language: Vocabulary, Letter Recognition, Phonics, Numbers/Counting, Pre-writing exercises, Independent Reading, Story Time: We work hard to teach your children new words and phrases every day! With our story times, flashcards, word/pre-writing games, and even a few foreign language/American sign language exercises, we work hard to expand your child’s vocabulary as well as their perspective.

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Please note:

Your child does not need to be potty trained. Please provide a change of diapers for those not potty trained, and a full change of clothes for all.

Our student to teacher ratio is typically 4:1.

The class performs a small showcase for their parents in December and June. The June performance is part of a (very cute!) graduation ceremony.