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“Rock N’ Roll” (6 -12 months, 45 min.)

A 45-minute Caregiver-and-Me class designed to stimulate your child’s senses, help develop both gross and fine motor skills, and learn how to share and have fun playing with other children!

“Toddler Madness” (1 -3 years, 45 min.)

Toddlers everywhere! This Caregiver-and-Me class is 45 minutes of structured fun! Play with balls, puppets, parachutes, blocks, and more! Between story time, singing, dancing, and bubbles, your child will be sure to love coming to Romparoo to play with their friends every week!

Hop N Bop” (3 -6 years, 45 min.)

Bring your funk and grooves! Explore a new music and dance genre every week, from hip hop to disco!


2 hour option “On My Own” (1.5 – 2 years)

2 hours, NO MOMMIES? Don’t worry! Children will play with friends, develop social skills, and learn to share, all on their own in our structured class for “pre”pre-schoolers! Separation might be hard at first, but soon you’ll be swelling with pride at how strong and independent your little one has become!

Our On My Own class is a developmentally-based toddler-preschool alternative program (2 hours), expanded from our 45 minute Mommy and Me Class structure, to prepare your toddler (18 months-3.5 years) for the similar structure and routine they will experience when they start school.  At this age we work on several different skills and management techniques for different aspects of your child’s development, including:  Social/Emotional, Cognitive, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Creative Expression/Dramatic Play, Language, and Literary skills.

3 hour option “My Big Step Up Preschool Alternative” (2 – 3 1/2 years)

More exploration, more days, more growth! Thematic play for your growing toddler! Each week focuses stories, songs, activities, and art around a theme. Read about our Preschool Alternative program HERE