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“Rock N’ Roll” (6 – 12 months, 45 min.)

A 45-minute Caregiver-and-Me class designed to stimulate your child’s senses, help develop both gross and fine motor skills, and learn how to share and have fun playing with other children!

“Toddler Madness” (1 -3 years, 45 min.)

Toddlers everywhere! This Caregiver-and-Me class is 45 minutes of structured fun! Play with balls, puppets, parachutes, blocks, and more! Between story time, singing, dancing, and bubbles, your child will be sure to love coming to Romparoo to play with their friends every week!

“Daddy Duty”- (6 months-18 months, 45 min.)

We’ve all heard of Mommy-and-Me classes, but what about the Dads? Come in for Daddy Duty on Saturdays for parachute games, balls and bubbles, singing and dancing, and more! Taught by our very own Mr. Alex!


2 hour option “On My Own” (1.5 – 3 years)

2 hours, NO MOMMIES? Don’t worry! Children will play with friends, develop social skills, and learn to share, all on their own in our structured class for “pre”pre-schoolers! Separation might be hard at first, but soon you’ll be swelling with pride at how strong and independent your little one has become!

Our On My Own class is a developmentally-based toddler-preschool alternative program (2 hours), expanded from our 45 minute Mommy and Me Class structure, to prepare your toddler (18 months-3.5 years) for the similar structure and routine they will experience when they start school.  At this age we work on several different skills and management techniques for different aspects of your child’s development, including:  Social/Emotional, Cognitive, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Creative Expression/Dramatic Play, Language, and Literary skills.

3 hour option “My Big Step Up Preschool Alternative” (2 1/2 – 3 1/2 years)

More exploration, more days, more growth! Thematic play for your growing toddler! Each week focuses stories, songs, activities and art around a theme. Your child makes project to take home in each class and is provided each week with a letter about that week’s class so that songs, stories and activities can be enjoyed at home as well. Children perform a Holiday show at the end of the Fall semester in December as well as having (the cutest!) graduation ceremony at the end of the Spring semester in June. Read about our Preschool Alternative program HERE

PRESCHOOL ENRICHMENT – (Included as a part of the My Big Step Up 3 Hour Option program; can also be taken as a 1 option hour class, 2.5-5 years)

Monday: Preschool Practice  (ABC’S and 123’s; Literacy and Pre-writing Themes)
Practice your ABC’s and 123’s! Get a jump start on preschool in our fun integrated class working on cognitive and critical thinking skills. Prep your child for their 3 R’s (reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic!) with counting songs, pre-writing activities, and more!

Tuesday: Science Explorers  (Nature and Cognitive Development Themes)
The world is full of science ready to explore! Construct buildings with Legos and blocks, explore technology, and conduct crazy science experiments! Each week we’ll discover nature like scientists, and become engineers with legos, blocks, and crazy construction materials! Work on fine motor skills, observation, and science appreciation. Your child will love this fun introduction to science and engineering!

Thursday: Creative Explorers (Music and Art/Creative Expression Themes)
Explore your inner creativity through music and art! Play various musical instruments, get acquainted with musical vocabulary, and even craft your very own music makers! A great way to increase your child’s fine motor skills and a love of creative arts!
Friday: Thomas Around the World (Geography, Culture, Diversity Themes)

alling all Conductors! Join Thomas and Friends,  grab your passport, and travel the world in our special Thomas the Train-Themed cultural class! Each day we’ll travel to a new country by train, work on our foreign language skills, and make a cultural craft! All aboard!


“Toddler Hip-Hop” 2 1/2 – 3 years & “Preschool Hip-Hop” 3 – 4 years
Bring your funk and grooves!  Toddler Hip-Hop and Preschool Hip-Hop is an exciting and energetic class that introduces your child to Hip-Hop, R&B and the love of dance.  This 45 minute class focuses on fun, coordination, and body awareness with basic hip-hop moves through games and small-step choreography.

“Kids’ Zumba” 5 – 7 years
This fun-filled dance class lets your child be active and jam out to their favorite music!  With kid-friendly routines, we break down steps and let the kids use their creativity for the ultimate dance party!