Our Story…

We are a soft indoor playroom that offers both mommy-and-me play classes as well as two-hour drop-off classes. At Romparoo our classes were designed to stimulate all of your growing baby or toddler’s senses. It’s a great place for your child to explore his or her imagination and practice crawling, walking, or skipping without getting hurt! Watch as your child learns to interact with others and make his or her first friends! (It’s a great place for mommies and nannies to make grown-up friends too!)

Romparoo first opened it’s playroom doors in July 2003 in Hoboken, NJ. Two local mommies to young baby boys had been trying out mommy-and-me classes throughout New York City and decided to start their own baby and toddler facility in their own city, combining all of their favorite elements that they had experienced in a variety of classes. And Romparoo was born! Miss Devon joined the team as an assistant teacher in 2005 and happily took over as the owner in 2007.

We like to keep growing along with you by taking in your feedback and modifying our current programs as well as creating new programs. We introduced our “On My Own” drop-off classes in September 2005 with great success! We help children learn to be a little more independent and place emphasis on sharing and being creative. It is an often silly class where Old MacDonald frequently has a monkey on his farm and on one very special day even had a jellyfish!

Romparoo took it’s next big step in September 2006 by beginning our unique “My Big Step Up” program. This two-day-a-week class is structured in themes and is geared towards being a transition class to preschool. It is more days, more structure, more growth! We have received excellent feedback for this program and are excited to be offering it again each year!

At Romparoo we strive to create a fun and safe environment with friendly and engaging staff.

We want you and your child to always feel welcome and excited to come to class!

If you have never been to Romparoo before then stop by to check us out!
I can’t wait to meet you and your child!

See you later, alligator!

Devon Laudenslager

Owner & Instructor