Class Descriptions

  • Mommy-and-Me Play Classes

    Our mommy-and-Me play classes are 45-minutes of structured play. Each class moves through 6 musically cued increments to stimulate your child’s senses, help develop both gross and fine motor skills, and learn how to share and have fun playing with other children! Whether it’s Toy Time, Singing and Dancing, or Balls and Bubbles, the children respond enthusiastically as they recognize the musical cue signaling the next activity!

    Classes are given different names based on the age range, however the general structure
    of these classes is the same:

    6-12 month class “Rock N’ Roll”

    1-3 years class “Toddler Madness”

  • “On My Own” 18 months-3 1/2 years

    Drop-Off Play Classes

    2 hours, NO Mommies! We build off of our mommy-and-me play class structure and put a stronger emphasis on learning, helping, sharing and listening skills, all while you learn to come to Romparoo
    on your own! An excellent class for”pre” pre-schoolers!

  • “My Big Step Up” 2 1/2-3 1/2 years

    Preschool Alternative Class

    More exploration, more days, more growth! Thematic play for your growing toddler! Each week focuses stories, songs, activities and art around a theme. Your child makes project to take home in each class and is provided each week with a letter about that week’s class so that songs, stories and activities can be enjoyed at home as well. Children perform a Holiday show at the end of the Fall semester in December as well as having (the cutest!) graduation ceremony at the end of the Spring semester in June.

  • Yoga: “Family Yoga” 2-3 years, “Kid’s Yoga” 3-5 years, “Big Kid’s Yoga” 5-7 years

    Your child’s imagination and creativity will take flight as they experience physical, emotional, mental and developmental growth in our yoga classes! Each class will take your child through poses, movement and play all geared towards their age and developmental stage. Your child’s natural energy will be used to create an overall sense of strength, flexibility and well-being.

  • “Creative Movement” 3-5 years

    This class focuses on fun, coordination, and movement skills!  The students will have a blast learning new moves while incorporating props such as hula hoops, mini bean bags, scarves and shakers!

  • “Summer Camp” 2 1/2-4 years

    1, 2, 3, or 4-day options

    Three hours of Creative Play, Arts & Crafts, Singing & Dancing, Games, Yoga & Movement, Snack and Story-time.  Sign up for a 4-week session (July or August), or the full 9-week Summer Semester!